It's Game Time



Alright folks, that is it, the Emperor has made up his mind and has decided to return to reclaim his right to rule over Cyrodiil! Tonight at approx 4pm EST I’ll be hopping into mumble, renewing my subscription, and jumping straight back into it. I’ll probably just be doing PvP tonight if anyone is interested in that and just for reference my character is VR6 if I remember correctly. If there are other people who might want to create alts with me and level up some alts I’d be fine with that too. I look forward to seeing anyone who is still playing!

Edit: I also changed my profile picture to the day of my crowning with some of the original Strats crew
Here is the full set of pictures from that day




4pm, now at night :wink:


Hey I’d say 4pm is night now, gets dark quickly around here. Also for me that is morning usually, I have been sleeping from like 8-4 on most days


For my loyal followers, the expedition must be pushed back an hour and a half due to public transportation issues. This will still happen though


you are not the only one -_-


ahhh good times:D