It's official! Star Wars: The Last Jedi




STAR WARS is colored red.


I know! What does it mean?

My theory is that Luke will train Rey, mirroring Episode V with Yoda and Dagobah, and that Luke will die somehow. This will set up Rey to take on the First Order and Kylo Renn in Episode IX.


I can agree with that. I think “the last jedi” is referring to Rey.


Exactly. After Luke dies that is. If true, that also confirms that she and Kylo are not brother and sister, which was heavily debated.


But if Rey is the last Jedi, and Luke is the Jedi teaching her… aren’t there two Jedi?


She’s the last Jedi after he dies in the movie.


That red tho…


So… There’s one last jedi who passes on his knowledge to a young one strong in the force, and then he dies…

Strange… Feels like I’ve heard this one before…




i agree that it might be Rey…but it could also just be referring to Luke. He’s the last trained jedi. Maybe he dies before gets to pass the knowledge on officially. but then again, it’s the second of a 3 movie trilogy, so that theory wouldn’t make much for movie 3.


I hope none of this comes to pass. Rehashing the same story concept is beyond unoriginal and a huge disservice to the Star Wars legacy. If anything let this be a story about Rey giving Luke hope to restore the Jedi Order once again, or something more original and Ep 5.


Did you see The Force Awakens?


Yes, and i hope they don’t repeat that.


Don’t get me started on how we’ll see Ewoks in Episode 9. :wink:


knowing Disney, they will probably explore the non-polar aspects of the force, she is probably going to be the first of a “new” type of force sensitive entity that doesn’t have anything to do with jedi or sith, light or dark. I think Luke is getting killed off and he’s gonna be the “last jedi”. Although, they should probably give him some lines in this one before he dies…

I say “new” because I have no idea what they have included in their tv shows and don’t know if they are embracing anything like “grey jedi” and all that