It's started coming!

First package of my new comp came in today, should get most of the rest on Monday. Just gonna be sitting around waiting for the motherboard after that. Would put up pictures but it’s saying they’re too large. got the tower and SSD today.


Take pictures of the whole process, then upload them all into one post after you get it up and running maybe?

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That’s a good idea actually haha

Awesome! I bet the wait is killing you knowing you have to wait over the weekend.

Yeah but I’ll be working all weekend so that actually helps lol

Can’t wait to see it assembled!

Got the rest of it today, along with 2 monitors. Gonna get my Bob the Builder on soon!!!


Awesome! Looking forward to some pictures. :slight_smile:

Be very careful inserting the sound card.

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And the NIC.

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How’s it coming @DrizztDo_Urden69 ?

So I had it all built and it turned on and everything, but nothing was coming out through my monitors, so decided to take it all apart having a buddy come over tonight to help with the build.

You want to boot first with minimal components: power supply, motherboard, system drive. After installing windows, shut down and put the rest in.

Hmm ok. I just couldn’t understand why nothing was coming out on the monitors. I thought I had all the cords put in the right place. My buddy will help me.

Glad you have a buddy to help you. It can be incredibly frustrating, literally the only advice i got when I built my first PC was RTFM. So I did…

Read the fucking manual?

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I read all the manuals lol. I still feel like I missed a connection somewhere.

Does your video card require a power connection from the power supply?

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Also a very common oversight that new builders run into is that they they plug their monitor cables into the video ports on the motherboard and not the video card. Double check you didn’t do that.

I would argue that you should do that. In fact, I recommend not mounting the video card at all until you’ve booted windows initially. Same goes for the hard drives.

If you put 5 hard drives on your machine to install windows fresh, windows is going to “intelligently” install its boot loader on some random drive that isn’t the system drive. It’s better to connect 1 drive, install windows and update it, then connect the others.

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