It's time to introduce League of Legends to the community!


Over the past month I have been searching around trying to find interest in League and I think this community is big enough to form not one but two! League of Legends teams. I would like to manage a Strats Team A and a Strats Team B I myself am a platinum 5 support/jungle main and can teach players knowledge and mechanics to the games. There would be no requirements to join the team except a soft requirement which is enforced by Riot Games, and that is you must be level 30 to play on a ranked team however if you are not level 30 I still welcome you to come and play normal games with the community until you reach the required level to play ranked. Anyone interested in trying out for the teams please reply with your League of Legends Summoner names and your rank, If you are not level 30 please put in your level. I look forward to promoting this in our strats community, meaning anyone who does not formerly play League is welcome to make an account and join if they are interested!
Thanks Guys!


alright, nice to see a league community being started.

Unfortunately, I’m a silver nub who hasn’t played since the end of s4 worlds. I’ve been watching League much more than ive played lately.

my IGn is xalrock if anyone wnats to add me and maybe when im on, we can play.

looking forward to talking about LCS though, stuff is addicting.

Hope this catches up


awesome stuff man ill throw you on my friends list here in a second


I do have interested in getting into the rank team, not sure how readily available I’ll be but I’m interested in trying out.
My IGn is wolfzorn44, currently an unranked scrub but play a pretty good top with gp and about to learn darius


I won 5 of my 10 provisionals but got put into bronze 5, so trying to claw my way out, I’m a pretty decent mid/jg/top in that order. I do play a mean Braum support though! IGN is DrizztDoUrden69


eggnivia bot
gold iv-iii

a team


HalHellion should lead to me. Level 5


Level 30, played on and off since beta, Silver 2 or 3 back in S3, main support (seriously, I think I own them all), 2nd mid/top but with a small field to choose from, don’t put me in the jungle or ADC if you want a chance to win :wink:

Summoner name: Clerical Errors

It should be noted I don’t have a ton of time to commit, so I may only end up playing casually or as a sub for the team, but we’ll see :wink:


Tagging Peter (@PeterThomas6!)


Man, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now and I’m not sure if I’m a) qualified for this and b) ready to take on a commitment like this.

First and foremost, I’ve still got plenty of learning to do. I know I’ve grown considerably since I’ve started, but there’s still a lot more I need to do in order to even be considered reputable or relevant in the competitive scene. I’m sure there’s always new things to learn, but honestly, I’ve got a LOT to learn.

I think we have a topic already that exchanges summoner names, so you can find that here: League of Legends: Summoners Unite! That also has my username, role I prefer playing, and so forth. I’m going to continue working hard to get to Level 30 and play in ranked, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be relevant enough for competitions. One day, maybe. Just not now.

I’m glad you created the topic; I was thinking of making the call out myself, but didn’t feel as if I had the know-how to drive something like that.


Yo, I’m plat IV (pref all roles but mid)
IGN: SteamyMenos
Looking to get on the B team!


IGN: Wyatts a Douche - Silver III (Gold V last season)


IGN: Subjugation and I was Silver II last season :^)


Can we get a thread where we all post our Summoner names, preferred champs, preferred names and level/ranked info(optional)? I kinda started one a month back or so and it got a noticeable amount of recognition. I only suggest this because it would be a lot more organized than what we’re all doing right now. On the other hand if anyone new needs help learning the game I’ll answer any questions you have and play when I can. I’m still in the hospital right now but I should be in top gear for some more Loogie next week :smiley:

IGN: Daddy Creampuff
Positions: Mid, Supp, ADC/APC.
Most played champs: Nidalee, Ahri, Miss Fortune and more


Yeah i can get a thread started probably. Try to make it something that people can add their names too themselves…


poor team liquid aren’t performing that well recently.

I actually like piglet, but it’s not looking good. kind of sad. :frowning:

on the other hand, I had hoped team impulse would come back as a real competitor, and they are doing great.