James Comey Testimony

They have just released the opening testimony that James Comey will be doing tomorrow. Here is a link to the whole document. This is going to be a big day in history. This kind of thing has never happened with this much evidence. Most channel tomorrow will be having news coverage of this and Trump is now giving a speech during the time slot that Comey is doing his testimony. Directly trying to draw attention away the main event. On top of that there have been ads running on MSNBC smearing Comey and legitimizing his character. Imagine if you tried to do that to the cop that pulled you over, while in court. This is a crazy time we live in and tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I’ll leave you with an interesting report on one of the biggest pieces of evidence in Nixon in Watergate.


What did I miss from today? I was only able to catch the first half or so. I heard McCain said some shit.

Man, that’s understating it.

I didn’t catch the whole thing either, but all told it was a fun watch and I’m super curious about everything they’re going to talk about in the closed session; a ton of questions weren’t able to be answered in an open forum.

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McCain was a train wreck. He compared the Hilary investigation to the current investigation the whole time. They are totally different matter and he cannot comprehend it. He is losing it. I mean seriously. He call Comey President three different times.

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