JiveTurkey here


I’m JiveTurkey#1564 on HoTS. I play as CAPNcaveman on LOL. Add me if you want to play.


Welcome to the Dark side brother. we have quite a few people playing HotS and LoL :slight_smile: including myself haha


Nice meeting you on HotS last night - plenty more to come!




Glad to see you joined the ranks


Again welcome aboard! Was fun playing HotS last night :smile:


Thanks for the battle tags but I think the question you’re answering in an intro post is who are you, the person?


Welcome to the Strats family @JiveTurkey, hope you have fun =^-^=

##Praise JiveTurkey


Welcome welcome. Glad to have another face here. Hope you enjoy your stay!


Sorry. I am 43, husband and father of 4. I work a swing shift alternating nights and days every other month.


Welcome Jive Turkey


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