Join Team Strats in World of Warcraft on Malfurion & Trollbane



Welcome to Strats’ home in Azeroth. We have fun playing #worldofwarcraft while not ruining other people’s fun. If you’re cool with that, you’ll probably fit right in. Since 2014 we’ve been a haven for adults who love gaming in an environment that doesn’t involve your mom being called names.


Strats has two sister guilds on the connected realms of Malfurion and Trollbane. While you can join each guild from either realm, we recommend putting your Alliance characters on Malfurion and your Horde on Trollbane.

Alliance: :sparkles: Strats of the Sacred


Horde: :snake: Coming Soon



There’s currently a running Strats+Blizz night for World of Warcraft. Check the #events category for agenda and calendar.


All roles in the guilds can invite new members because we trust your judgement. Further promotion depends on trust earned (largely automatically) by participation in and support for the community.

If you’re new to Strats fam:

  1. Make a quick post in the #strats:introductions category and tell us about yourself, what brings you here, and what you’re looking for from us to have a good experience.

  2. Jump into Discord and bring your trust level with you by linking your account using the Strats Bridge.

  3. Search for “Strats of the […]” in the Guild Finder

If you’re a veteran Strategists:

  • Just ask for an invite in Discord. If someone is in the World of Warcraft voip channel, ping them since all members can invite.

  • Your Trust Level is your guild rank. If it’s set incorrectly, let a Guild Leader know.

Further Recruitment



  • Template for posting to help with recruiting
  • Establish events
  • Character transfer giveaway

Change log

  • 2/25 added link to reddit recruitment thread search
  • 3/1 added official forum recruitment links


My Dearest Margret,

In all my life, I have only come to know one truth; I will always return to World of Warcraft. Despite my protest, my body and mind have become a finely tuned resub machine. I am powerless. Over time I have come to accept that I will die here, my only fear is that death will find me before the last expansion.

For the Horde,


Hey peeps, added two new recruitment threads. Show them some love: