Joyful Joysticks


I’ve been considering an inexpensive joystick setup for use with Star Citizen and maybe Planetside. The last time I owned a stick was with Descent: Freespace in the 90s. The Microsoft Sidewinder was the cool kid back then.

I am currently considering the Thrustmaster T.16000M. It looks to have good reviews and is fairly cheap. I am also looking at Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X. It seems to be the cheapest hotas setup. I’ve never owned this much hardware and I’m wondering if loving wife will give me The Stare.

Does anyone have any experience or opinions on either of these or any other joysticks? I’m not sure if I’m hardcore enough for rudder pedals or the like.


I have this one, it’s pretty good


I had looked at that one too but I think there was something it lacked compared to the T.16000M. I’ll take another look.


i have same as @Biff_Tannen. it pretty good for basic needs and you can’t beat the price. i don’t play enough flight games to warrant getting a big setup.


Yeah I’ve only used if for flight simulator but I never thought about trying it for Planetside


I think I am going with the Logitech. After consideration I just want a stick for navigation and shooting. I will likely still use the keyboard for most other actions.


Found a 2+ year old Best Buy gift card with 15 bucks on it. That knocked off half the cost of the stick.

Just finished a drone run on Star Citizen. Forgot how good the stick feels in my hands.


I keep reading how I need a HOTAS setup but I’m reluctant to put $150 into a full-blown stick and throttle. My fingers seem to work fine on W and S to control speed.

Guess I’m too lazy to use hotkeys and macros.


There should be a little slider on the stick you can use to control speed. I use it with my flight sim to control the throttle