JRPG, 3DS players I need some help on a choice



I’ve decided to get Bravely Second
I will eventually get SMT IV. It wouldn’t make too much sense buying both at once since both games are 40+ hour games. Thanks everyone! I’ll post impressions and the like. I especially wanna try out the Augmented Reality video from Bravely Second.
Can’t decide which game to choose.
Shin Megami Tensei IV (Not apocalypse)
Bravely Second
Both are $20 but I can only get one.
Bravely second is $20 temporarily from Nintendo’s official eBay while SMT IV is 19.99 on their eShop.

Here’s some bits about each game
Bravely Second is a fantasy rpg with a ton of classes. It’s length is about 40+ hours and it’s turn based Roger combat is changed by choosing to deault (defend) or attack each turn. When you default you save up brave and the more brave you have the more actions you can take during your turn. So default a bunch with a healer and then brave when everyone is nearly dead and heal everyone to full hp or use it on a dps character and do massive damage by attacking a bunch (in one turn). The story is bad and the voice acting is irritating to most reviewers. The art style is beautiful and fully takes advantage of the 3D technology.

SMT IV Is a much more adult oriented than Bravely Second and has as much if not more total game time. You can recruit demons you meet to join you. I think the main gameplay thing here is that if you attack an opponent with their weakness then the attacker gets a smirk, which I believe is a guaranteed crit and an extra turn. Smirk doesn’t happen all the time but the enemy can smirk also. The story is good and gruesome and the voice overs are amazing. The game looks like it’s from the PS1 era which isn’t bad but… Yeah.

In terms of difficulty I think both are on par I think.
It’s mainly a choice of gameplay with SMT IV winning in story.


Based only on a Google images search since I know nothing about either: Bravely Second

You’re welcome.


I like the way you operate.


I still think bravely second is a good choice. I mean the first game I really enjoyed just havent gotten to the second


For me it would really depend on what your looking for

Bravely Second, is the more final fantasy like JRPG out of the two, while SMT IV is of course in the Persona school so it would really depend on how prefer your JRPG.

Also Bravely Second is a squeal to Bravely Default so if you haven’t played that there might be some confusion and spoilers for the first, so that might be a deal breaker for you.

But both are good JRPGs, I know Bravely Second reviewed higher but either way you should have a good time.


Luckily they have a demo but SMT doesn’t :l and I AM liking the demo so that’s a good sign


All I’ve seen is people saying that Bravely second is trash compared to the first (fair enough) but that SMT is extremely good if not extremely obtuse. I’ve never played a personal or SMT style game (shocking!) But it looks like a genre I’d like very much. IDK it’s definitely a pickle. I think I’ll get bravely second first since it’s a temporary price and pick up SMT later since it’s always that price


well if you could I would recommend the first game if you have never played it


Yeah never played it but my goodness is it expensive. It’s full price on the eShop and goes for higher on eBay.


Honestly everyone thinks the first is better than it really is, I actually prefer the sequel as it balanced out classes and cut out a lot of late game filler. I haven’t finished the second so I can’t say anything about the story argument but the parts I’ve seen are on par of what Bravely Default was.


They are fairly different styles of games, so choose which game style you ultimately prefer. :wink:
I really enjoyed Bravely Default, I have no experience with Bravely Second but hope to pick it up one day.
I have the first two or three of Shin Megami Tensei (I loved the first one) but somewhere in there I stopped playing because I really like to grind myself up and be the best I can (cue Pokemon theme) and in the second or third game they just made combining the demons so complicated that I just didn’t want to think that hard, I just wanted to enjoy the game. So I sat it down and sadly have not picked it back up yet. I was scared to combine any of my demons for fear I would miss out on an even better combination I didn’t know about down the road.


I vote Bravely. I’ve played both to great enjoyment.


Bravely Default and then Second. The games are great, @senNish got me into them. From the opening AR scene I was hooked.


Bravely is looking really good. I have no idea what this means but I feel invested in this poll’s outcome now.


I’ve decided to get Bravely Second first then SMT IV later. I’m not going to attempt for Bravely Default due to its heinous pricing. I might even get to buy both sooner than expected!