Just a brief introduction


Hey all, I’m joining up because I have a buddy who’s apparently pretty active here, and I’d like to play on the Minecraft server with you him and you guys as well. I work, go to school, and play rugby, so I don’t have a ton of spare time, but this will be a nice way to relax with a friend, I think.

Thanks guys.


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


I don’t spend any time here…


Nowhere does the OP specify that @Dynamible is his buddy, nor does he claim that @Dynamible even has any friends.

And welcome, @krashmania!


Welcome man I hope to see you on our server.


Hi Krashmania, welcome to Strats!


If @Dynamible is his friend, I feel it says alot that his own “friend” doesn’t even wanna acknowledge that he knows him… poor @Dynamible.




@DrizztDo_Urden69 . He is probably concerned that @Dynamible is actually real since he so often disappears out of thin airand goes life AFK. Welcome and we all feel your pain man






Welcome aboard!


Damnit, he recognized my name…

I mean, dynamible? Don’t recognize that name. You most be thinking of someone else, sir or madam.




Welcome to Strats @krashmania!! Look forward to seeing you in game.




Welcome! c:




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