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Hi Iโ€™m a long time gamer. I live in Spokane WA and I live playing games like Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield 3 ,Hardline. Call of Duty, Fallout, those are just a few. Iโ€™m so excited about Xbox1coming out with backwards compatability. See you on the battlefield :blush: higherlevell1


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What!?! I had no idea! This could be the deciding factor, well this and the MCC, for adding the XB1 to my setup.


Glad to be here Thanks.


Yeah backwards compatability was only out for a select few to test out there beta. On the 12th of this month itโ€™s going to be available for everyone. Iโ€™ll finally be able to play on line with my Xbox 360 friends. :grinning:


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I would love a new Red Dead Redemption! We have a few CoD players, @perplexous, @BillyTheGuardian come to mind I think. Iโ€™m forgetting someone or getting that wrong but theyโ€™ll correct me.


Since I got my Xbox 1 itโ€™s like my 360 doesnโ€™t exist. I really miss playing red dead and battlefield 3. I also heard that when Xbox 1 does there backwards compatability were going to get a new dash board too but Iโ€™m not sure .


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My kid uses the 360 for his gaming now. I have made the transition to a Playstation gamer.


Yup I stream a lot of cod and some minecraft off and on :smile:


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Iโ€™m In the Xbox one preview program so I have had backwards compatability for a few months now and got the new dashboard a month ago. I can tell u backwards compatibility isnโ€™t what I thought it was gonna be at first. Thereโ€™s a lot of hoops Microsoft has to jump through regarding publishers and the actual compatibility for the most part publishers arenโ€™t allowing compatibility on next gen because one, it create work for them and they have to keep a old game running well and arenโ€™t getting compensated for it. But hopefully soon enough everything will be sorted out. Also today it was announced that black ops 1 will be available for backwards compatibility next month so look forward to that.


Glad to have you here, @Jessica! Welcome to Strats.

Hopefully we get to game together sometime soon. Just got my XB1.


Welcome to strats!


Yeah I heard it had a lot of bugs I think the big reveal the 12 Iโ€™m hoping theyโ€™ll have it worked out. There taking votes for games to be backwards compatible but Iโ€™m definitely excited to see what the new dashboards like.


Through the fallout 4 giveaway on twitter


Definitely my gt. Is higherlevel1


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Make sure you are in the twitch chat. If you win and arenโ€™t there a new name gets drawn.


I will thanks Iโ€™m new to twitch I have the app on my phone do I use the app on my phone or do I need to use my Xbox? And itโ€™s 1:18 my time what time do I need to be on twitch


Itโ€™s fine in your phone as long as you can respond in chat. The time will be 6pm.