Just got a set of Bose Q35's from work and they're great


I’m really digging these Bose QuietComfort 35s. We just got them at work. The sound canceling is really nice and quality audio is good. Bluetooth works well. The controls on the side are easy and tactile (no reaching for my phone).


That’s what I’ve found with the Bose headphones. Their noise cancelling is unparalleled, but their sound quality is meh compared to other ~$350 NC Headphones.

I’d be interested to see how the sound quality of the bluetooth wireless ones are compared to the wired ones for $350. If the sound quality is similar, that’s a pretty good price.


I’ve been listening to a John Williams station on Amazon Music for the last hour and it’s been really superb, in my humble opinion. I’ve listened to his orchestra on some amazing sound systems, including at Lucasfilm HQ’s multi-million dollar theater and live in an opera hall.


I mean… They’re going to be good compared to $50-$100 headphones, but there are other NC headphones that offer better sound quality at that price point.

For example: PSB M4U2


What I dig about these is I can walk around the office with no wires. Are there Bluetooth quality ones?


That’s what IS impressive about those. Apparently the have the same sound quality AND they’re wireless, for the same price as the old QC25s.


Further testing will be done tomorrow as I remain heads down in 2017 product roadmapping.


Would you say they are worth the money? Seems like a lot for a pair of headphones.



Depends on what you want from your headphones…

If you want the best sound quality possible, noise cancelling (NC) and/or wireless is not the way to go. You can get much better sound quality from non-NC headphones at the same or lower price point.

If you travel a lot, or use public transit a lot, sound quality doesn’t really matter if you have a ton of background noise… NC is a must have.

If you decide NC is what you need, then it just becomes about the tradeoffs…
With my headphones (also $350 NC headphones) I gave up a bit of NC and wireless for better sound quality. I don’t really care that much about wireless.
For @Vocino, he said he likes to play music off his computer and walk around at work, so he gave up a bit of sound quality for convenience and better NC.


@Bradum hit it with balancing NC to quality depending on your needs.

I bought a set of Bose QC25’s last year with all my Christmas gift cards and they’ve more than paid for themselves at this point. That said, I pipe basically all my audio through them at my desk (PC and PS4 both run through my HDMI matrix, which has a headphone audio out on the back I grab it from). At this point, I’ve paid ~$300 for a set of headphones that I’ve worn literally every day and have had 0 issues with, which works out to <$1/day so far (and no signs of trouble, so I expect the ratio will be closer to $.50-.$35/day before I need to consider a replacement, which is a small price to pay, IMO, for what I wanted ;)).