Just made a purchase on amazon through the affiliated link


Just wanting to make sure that it um went through or something since the checkout page doesn’t give you a clue about it (only the page right after you click the affiliate link.)


As long as you clicked the affiliate link before putting anything in your shopping cart, it worked :wink:


… Oops I had my stuff in the cart for a couple of days then came back clicked the link,clicked my cart, then checked out. so idk if that did anything for Strats


Yeah, if it was already in cart it won’t count. One workaround we’ve foudn for this is to add things to a wishlist, then click the affiliate link and add it to cart from the wishlist :wink:


There goes my contribution -_- however I do have another quite big purchase to make so hopefully the amount I spend also factors in.


The way the Amazon referral link works, we get a very small portion of the total value of your shopping cart paid to us by Amazon as a referral/advertising fee. It has no affect on the purchaser in terms of adjusting their costs :wink:


Oh I knew that it didn’t affect my costs I just wasn’t sure if the more $$$ I spent the more $$ strats would receive.


Yeah, we get a small commission on the sale. The percentage depends on what the item is and how many referrals we have sent overall that month.

Best thing to do to be 100% sure is clear your cookies, click link, add to cart. In most cases just clicking it before purchasing it fine.

As mentioned above, one workaround is to use wish lists rather than holding items in your cart.


Sounds good.