Just Picked up a Delan Clip for Star Citizen


This just cane in the mail. Excited to strap it on my headset and give it a wirl in SC.


It looks like the PS3 Eye.


The camera is augmented to only detect IR light, the real product is the 3 arm clip that produces 3 distinct points to the camera, from there software translates head movement into inputs in games that support it. Voila. cheap head tracking. It’s essentially TrackIR but much cheaper to own.


Set this up last night, takes some getting use to, and I had to disable some of the axis that don’t really provide anything other than disorienting me. Aparently the software recommended can also do normal face tracking for camera movement, so if anyone has a webcam and is slightly interested in something similar they can try out some of the functionality without any of the cost.