Just some random griping


Ordered this yesterday with “2 day” prime shipping. They do this all the time. Why do I pay for this prime?


Is it Shipped and sold by Amazon?


Shipped by Amazon, sold by someone else. It’s prime eligible though.


If it’s fulfilled by Amazon it’s strange that it’s not scheduled on time. If it’s not, then the seller is dropping the ball and you should complain.

Actually, complain anyway, Amazon generally takes the customer’s side.


It’s an order for some over the ear Bluetooth headphones and I want them damn it lol.

I’m just impatient.

Good price, good reviews. We’ll see


It’s because Monday is Memorial Day, no deliveries. So technically two business days from yesterday would make it Wednesday. It also comes down to when you made the order. If you order after a certain time it adds a day because of processing.