Just started Smite



Just started playing Smite the other day and I really like it, any suggestions for a beginner?


Well, my strategy is to play Odin, and only Odin.

Probably not a winning strategy, but it’s MY strategy so that’s something.


Play all the free heroes and see which one fits your style. Once you find a hero you enjoy watch some videos online of how to play the hero more effective. That is what I did when I played Smite and while I wasn’t the best I was nearly as bad as I was at LoL (Once was referred to as the “Human Buffet”…)

I assume you are playing on PC? On the off chance you are playing on Xbox let me know and I’ll re-download it and play some matches with you. :sunglasses:


nope, PC. I played through the tutorial with Neith because I’m actually a 12 year old boy (not that that’s a bad thing if there are any on here) and turned out I really liked the abilities she has. I’ll check out the others but theres a good chance I could stick with her.


Great choice, she is an easy hero to learn. That is who I started out playing. When using a new hero I always tried to do a match or two with the AI. It is a great way to learn skills


yea my first match with real people I obliterated everyone’s scores, they were just starting out too but that’s at least a good sign…