Just when things are good


You get mother fucking laid off.

Oh well I have a level 2 private security license and am now gonna pursue a level 3 license (handgun on duty).

Pays twice as much and there aren’t many people with a level 3.

Can’t tell if I’ll be online more or less often because now I’m at home but there’s no excuse to not help with the children.

The layoff was due to another company gouging prices and undercutting us to hell.


Man, I’m sorry to hear.

Good to see you are already moving on and thinking upwards though!

Best of luck in finding the next place.


So ok… honest answer

I have no fucking clue what the fuck you are talking about.


My profession is private security officer (guard). The place we were guarding fired us because they found a security company that charges less. So now I’m out of a job. I’m getting a higher form of security that allows use of a handgun and those positions pay more.


Thanks man, yea cant let it get me down especially since I have little ones. I signed up for unemployment but I already have a few companies in mind. They require the level 3 private security license though but damn do they pay alot haha


Ah man, sorry to hear that. :frowning:


Need a guard for your property!? LOL


No bueno, I’m sorry brother! Let us know if there is anyway we can help.


Layoffs suck. Sorry to hear man. Grind hard and get that lvl 3, G!


Yea, definitely sorry to hear. Best of luck, hopefully its not too painful getting the level 3 cert.


Just a few hundred dollars for the classes and 4 classes. It’s pretty easy, just the money that most people find as a barrier. Better for me though because I still have my tax refund and if it means I can get a job at $23 dollars an hour… That’s fine :slight_smile:


Will do man


Fuck man, that sounds really bad. If it makes you fell better… At least you dont live in Vuvuzuela!