JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1


Cannot Wait!


Alien invasion… superhero team… I think I saw this movie once. It was called Avengers.

Really though, the trailer looks fun.


After the BvS and Suicide Squad letdowns I’m not going to get my hopes up yet.


Suicide Squad was a complete shit show, however BvS, I have to completely disagree, besides that one Martha scene, the movie was great. I get that peoeple didn’t like Jesse Eisenberg, but he grew on me the more I watched it. I think people just give it too much shit just for that one scene. I love BvS and I’ve seen it like 4 times.

As for JL, I don’t think the masses will like it but I be the real DC fans will. DC seems to be more scifi even when compared to Marvel, IMO. I have high hopes for this movie but I’m tempering my expectations. Also, is Superman not in this movie? I acutally love the cast and I absolutely love ben afflack as batman and I went into BvS expecting to hate him.


Haven’t seen SS but 100% agree on the BvS take.

There was one scene that took the movie for me in BvS, it was the one where Bruce is driving around the city as Superman and Zod fight. The city is falling apart and you get this feeling of destruction that is amazing.

I feel like people who are salty over BvS are going to be salty over Justice League.


The last DC movie that used an older song and synced the trailer to it was not-so-great; here’s hoping that’s not a trend.

Please don’t suck…


Come on DC, you can do it. I believe in you.


I was thinking something similar, I wouldn’t say BvS was a complete let down, it was just way too serious


I will allow myself to be moderately excited. Wonder Woman is looking to be good, so hopefully that is a sign.

My only concern for this film is I believe its out around same time as Thor Ragnarok is slated to release, and well Disney Marvel.

Heres to hope :pray:


BvS was not a “bad” movie, I was excited for it and the trailers made it look awesome. The actors all did great jobs, except for Jesse Eisenberg who was just annoying as hell. The overall presentation of the movie is what killed it for me. There was a really good movie in there, just not what was shown at theaters. It wasn’t just one scene that spoiled it, more of a collection of things.

Suicide Squad also had a good movie in there, Will Smith and the focus on him throughout the movie is what ruined it for me. It was called Suicide Squad not Will Smith and friends. Jared Leto as joker didn’t work either, thankfully they didn’t focus on him much.

D.C. nails the marketing and fails to deliver movies that live up to the expectation. They aren’t so bad that I won’t go see new ones though. I’ll keep hoping for better.


Yea, I’ve spent more money on less quality entertainment before, haha


Rumor has it wonder woman isn’t awful.