Karin Sultan - AWD, 4-Dr, Fast & Good Cornering - Take My Money

The Sultan is a fast, grippy, engaging and easy to drive 4-door vehicle. It is AWD (40% front/ 60% rear torque distribution), providing superior traction and handling over other cars of the same class. While many similarly sized sedans offer similar straight line performance, the added stability of the Sultan allows fast cornering and easy power sliding, making it a good choice for races or getaways (and one of the best 4-door cars in the game). Under-steer is a factor, but the powerful engine and quick handling make it sporty and fun to drive. Its top speed is 203 mph(326 km/h) and it accelerates from 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds.

The Buffalo and Oracle outperform it in the category of 4-door cars. However, because of its AWD nature, the Sultan can easily surpass most off-road vehicles, especially when upgraded.

###How do I get one?

The Sultan has quickly become a favorite among Strats and Crew members and just might become a mascot car or something.

Cars spawn become more prevalent when you are driving around in one that is the same style/class. We can take advantage of that fact by having a few crew members cruise around in a Sultan to get one to spawn for you. If you’d like to get someone to help you out, post over here :smiley:

###Show it off

If you want one, post here and we will put a team together to get you one.

If you have one, post a pic and show us all how bad-ass it is.


Sounds good, maybe we can work to get me one this weekend!


How ironic! I spent a good two hours this morning obtaining one and can confirm it is a beauty of a car. I plan on making it my first fully upgraded vehicle.

Anyone interested in getting one should check this out :wink:

@tommy2118 hooked this up for me the other day. I must say, it handles like a boss!

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you know you want my beautiful car!