Karin Sultan: I wants one too; how do I get it?!

Want a Karin Sultan? There’s an easy-mode way to get one! As has been previously-discussed, this beauty is quickly becoming the unofficial car of Strats and Crew. Getting one merely requires you to find a crew member that’s already got one. Here’s how it works:

##1. Link up with a crew member who already has one
Post you PSN in this thread if you’d like to get a Sultan. If you have a Sultan and are taking someone to get theirs, please reply to their post so we know they’re taken care of.

##2. Go to the prison
This is an interactive GTA 5 map; the prison is zoomed to on this link so you can see where about it is more easily. The parking lot there has a high rate of spawn for Sultans if someone is driving a Sultan already (they spawn there without, it just takes a lot longer). Link up with a Sultan owner and have them drive you up there. If you don’t find a Sultan, simply head out on the freeway, drive away for about 10-15 seconds, then turn around and head back. This will cause the parking lot to respawn with fresh cars. Rinse and repeat until you get one :wink:

##3. Pimp dat ride
Aside from being a great drive, the Sultan is one of the more customizable cars available. Adding the roll cage will get you the “Sultan RS” badge on the side and rear of the vehicle (purely cosmetic, but oh-so cool). Once you get it awesomed out, post a pic back in @tommy2118’s post.