Keemstar from DramaAlert makes a 62 year old man cry today


So basically Keemstar from the YouTube channel DramaAlert claimed the Twitch.TV streamer rsgloryandgold was a pedophile. Thus causing a whole lot of people to attack rsgloryandgold on his Twitch channel. It turns out rsgloryandgold wasn’t even who Keemstar thought he was, but instead he was just a 62 old man trying to enjoy his retirement by streaming and playing video games…

This kind of stuff makes me sick. Honestly the whole idea of how Keemstar’s channel obtains its views does. Drama gets attention though, and thus viewers and subscribers. It’s sad to think some dirt bag like this can damage someones integrity, cause emotional harm, and more.

You can find more about it all in the below links:

YouTube Link
Reddit Post
rsgloryandgold’s Twitch.TV

Edit: In the wake of it all it seems a lot of people have also been showing rsgloryandgold a lot of support and now he has way more followers and supporters. Sometimes something bad can be formed into something good.


For anyone even remotely aware of Keemstar’s existence, he’s not exactly a stand-up guy (by any stretch), but the dude has been in rare form of late.


I can only say, wow. There is a lot of trash in this world… we need a new plague.


Sounds like a really upstanding guy, people actually watch this crap?


I didn’t understand this entire paragraph because I thought there was a period between twitch and tv.


Huh… That’s pretty interesting. Nope, definitely just Twitch.TV. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gave rsgloryandgold a follow myself as I thought it was the least I could do.