Kenz is Smitten!


Hey guys. Sooo… as some of you know, these past two weeks have been pretty terrible. Between work, social stuff, and school, it’s been a waking nightmare at some points.

I haven’t been able to go home to see my dogs as much, so I’ve been wanting to get a little furry friend to add to my life. I haven’t had any interaction with these little guys until…

Oh my god you guys I’m in love. I usually try to avoid Petco like the plague when it comes to animals, but I haven’t been able to find any local breeders or rescues. I’ve been researching these guys for the past few weeks, but does anyone have any experience with these guys, or other small critters (chinchillas, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, etc.)

This might be my alternative to my boyfriend’s cat allergy. <3 And also excuse my hair. It was a bad day at work. -_-


The next best thing for someone with cat allergies: a cat snake :wink:

They’re super-smart; this is both awesome and tiresome. I’ve had a number of friends who’ve owned them, but never personally had any. @PreshusKitty says it’s a cross between a cat and a dog in terms of temperament and to make sure you get on that’s had its stink glands removed.


I’ve definitely read that! And this little girl is spayed and descented. And yassss I want to name her Snek hahaha.


Oh man! Super awesome! I’ve always wanted one as a pet. But I’ve heard they can be a handful. I also see you mention chinchillas, I’ve never owed one personally but I’ve gotten to pet one, omg, softest thing in the entire world!


My little brother owned a chinchilla named Cheech. That little thing was the cutest softest ball of fluff I ever did have the pleasure of holding and petting. For serious I kinda had a squee attack just thinking about it…


And to add in on this as well: I knew someone who owned a hedgehog (they can be grumpy, which I kinda loved about them) and sugar gliders are LOUD… they get screechy. o_o Seriously maybe rethink the sugar glider. He was neat and fun to have him launch from shoulder to shoulder but dear lord he was loud.
So yesh please to buy all the cute and fluffies and then invite me over to pets them <3 <3

edit: spelling; also!

Wanted to add you didn’t list any reptiles! They may not be fluffy but snakes and lizards are actually quite snuggly. Seriously. Grew up with three snakes in the house (as well as turtles, but they were just moist and smelly xD) Snakes are snuggly but also like cool dark places so… yeah a snake up the shirt is not an uncommon occurrence :slight_smile:



so cute D:


I absolutely love snakes and lizards, but my roommate is terrified of snakes. Like deathly terrified. I have looked at a few ball python morphs but there is no way I will be able to swing that. I think leopard gecko could be an alternative? I don’t know much about them.

I have heard that, especially at night, so we have kind of reconsidered that.

I’m pretty hooked on ferrets. I am in contact with a breeder not far from me and she’s agreed to drop her price on them if I come pick up the kit myself. However, I’m going to have to ask my roommates.

They aren’t… super pet lovers. They like dogs and cats, but anything beyond that is too much for them. It’s a huge bummer because I’ve been getting incredibly lonely lately without a little fuzzy animal body romping around my apartment. My boyfriend has told me to wait until I move out (another year or so) but I don’t know. He is mostly worried that they won’t be able to tolerate the smell.


Update: Well, one of my roommates was on board with the idea of having a pet as long as it doesn’t smell. But my other roommate is not a big fan of pets and decided that there would be no pets in the apartment so there’s that. :confused: Sad day indeed. No cat snakes for Kenz.


Fuck that, 2/3 is good enough to move shit through Congress, it should be good enough for the @W1thl0v3 apartment to have a pet. This is why I hate roommates. She can keep her room shut and deal with it under your supervision in the common areas insofar as I’m concerned. That’s completely unreasonable, IMO.


Lol best thought I’ve heard all day. She’s kind of okay with my dog being there once a week, but a full time ferret idk I think that would be grounds to kick me out. Buuut she does owe me a few hundred in rent and utilities so maybe I could black mail her into letting me have my cat snake. Muhahahaha. :smiling_imp:


…how in the actual fuck would she have grounds to kick you out if the only reason she’s still there is you helping pay her cost of living. That’s grounds for a pow wow (including scalpings, as appropriate).


Lol Auth you are killing me today. This is priceless. <3 Thanks for cheering me up. I was pretty bummed that I won’t be able to have any little furry guys in my life. :confused:


Seriously though, I’m with Auth. Get a fuzzbuddy. If your one roommate who owes YOU money has a problem, then SHE needs to stop being so self-absorbed and grow a pair. She can’t kick you out if she owes you money. Judge Judy that mess if she tries.

<3 you Strats Sista. I hope your new friend is named something awesome (Teqqie perhaps? Short for Tequatl!)


want me to grow a beard again…had to shave it for summer /wink


Here is your solution :wink:


I was planning on a dragon related name for sure. Tequatl is PERFECT. Because I have a love/hate relationship. My female name is Imoogi, the ancient chinese water serpent.


Ferrets are fun pets, but they do smell. You really have to stay on top of cleaning the cage out. They are adorable, but kind of high on the maintenance side of things.


I have a friend who breeds ball pythons.