Kick in the Face

Are we going to re-hash this out once it drops for the PS4?
Playstation doesn’t seem to know when it’ll drop, but
Game Stop says 12/31/15
And Bethesda is still saying ‘sometime 2014’

I’m actually really surprised they’re still considering a console release.


Right! I bet we stop hearing anything about it this Spring.

Gamestop is simply changing their placeholder date. It was likely 12/31/14 before the change. Usually games that don’t have a set date they place as last day of current year.

I think Zenimax still intends to release on consoles, they just knew it would be easier to release updates on PC & Mac. Easier to continue “beta testing” until the game is where it needs to be before putting it on consoles where patches have to pass MS/Sony QA before going out.

They have made some good improvements to the game with more to come in the next 3 months or so.


What if this game was on a free model? Would it be worth the time and effort?

Dem updates, just in time for this thread.

You know, I really enjoyed ESO. I think Wildstar killed it to some extent. Or at least, brought it to a quicker death and that removed some life from the roadmap they were going for.

The group stuff was honestly really fun. And the graphics style is beautiful. I’m not sure why they lost so much to that cartoony WoW clone game. I’m thinking it was more just the standard MMO new game jump.

I question whether MMORPGs can really stay strong for long periods of time anymore.

What do you think causes this? Content Drought? Paying a monthly fee? A poor launch? Or are there just too many other options? It seems like most MMO’s fall flat very fast. The only MMO that appears to be healthy from an outside view is Final Fantasy ARR.

TESO doesn’t seem to be dead. Honestly, I think it’s doing better than Wildstar. Wildstar came in flashy and hardcore (a joke which players took too far), promising too many things, and that blew up in their faces.

I believe that had Wildstar launched first, TESO would be doing much better. I agree about the standard game jump taking players away. But I’ve been watching a dedicated TESO streamer for a while and I finally logged in for myself last night. One of the PvP campaigns was locked for all factions. Seemed to be plenty of people running around Daggerfall and I even saw people asking to run Spindleclutch.

My highest level character is only 25 so I have no idea how the Veteran zones are doing. I’ve read that it’s hard to find groups to do the Craglorn trial stuff. But from what I’ve seen on streams it looks like scrolls are moving in PvP at least.

My opinion, I think people expect a new game to be as polished and content-filled as Wowcraft currently. And that obviously isn’t possible.

People surely aren’t afraid to play a monthly fee since they pay for Wowcraft. I know it’s been 10 years but Wowcraft had a terrible launch.

Another problem is people’s view of what it takes to actually be “healthy”. MMOs don’t necessarily need 2-3M subs to be profitable. 750k-1M is usually reported as being a good number.

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My highest level character is VR14, and the vet zones can be kinda empty. But, a lot of the vet people are either playing an alt (trying to get to level 50 before the Champion System kicks in) or are running around Cyrodiil in PvP. Every time I go to a lower level area, I see a lot of people, many of which are lower level people in custom looking gear, implying they may be alt characters that their main character crafted items for.


How busy is Cyrodiil for you? I watch Defatank stream but he tends to run small scale groups and tries to avoid the big fights. Would be good to get another perspective.

It’s hit or miss on how busy it is. It seems like weekends it is much busier. The campaign I am in tends to be dominated by AD, so there may be other campaigns that are more up for grabs and busier. I jump into Cyrodiil, look at the map for a battle and head there. Since I am running solo, I am not on teamspeak, but I can tell by how some players work together that they probably are.

Once, we would hash around in Mumble. It’s still open to all.

I’ve only used Teamspeak, mostly in Mechwarrior Online, but have been thinking about installing Mumble anyway. My online time is dictated by family responsibilities and career, but I get in the time that I can.

I hear you there. This is a concept shared by many of us here at Strats. It is also one of the drivers for this community, we don’t want to waste any of our precious time on toxic people.

Yeah, you reach an age where you don’t have 12 hours a day for goofing off, and your free time can be measured in minutes, not hours. I used to do mostly PUGs in Mechwarrior Online in the teamspeak area that had them, but quickly got tired of the kids screaming expletives and insults. It doesn’t greatly upset me, just am well past the point of being a kid or young adult. The forums themselves can be pretty toxic, and it’s tough to see any threads that don’t degenerate quickly.

One of the things that impressed me reading through the posts about ESO here was how mature the community seems. Lots of interesting banter, minus the vitriol. ESO in general seems that way too. Sure, there are people trolling and spamming general chat, but a lot less than I have seen elsewhere.

My younger sister is a console gamer (apparently that doesn’t go away when you get older) but unfortunately I won’t be able to see her characters from my PC, Then again, I won’t have to deal with the general console crowd. :wink:


Prost! :beers:

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