Killing Floor 2 (apparently we didn't kill the floor well enough previously)



#That’s an actual screenshot?!
Yes; yes it is. So are all the other pictures in the OP :wink:

Like shooting things? Not tired of zombie-ish creatures yet? Care to work strategically as a team to survive wave after wave of MOBs followed by a hefty boss fight? This might be your game…

Killing Floor 2 is a worthy sequel to an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod turned stand-alone where a pack of up to 6 players fight through an almost-endless horde of zeds in an effort to contain an ever-expanding government-funded biological disaster. Neat, huh? While the game is technically listed as early access on Steam, the dev team has made it clear they’re pretty pissed at how a lot of developers are treating the format and have vowed to do right by their fans; in my opinion, they have. Currently, the game boasts 4 large, playable levels, each unique in layout and theme, 11 different enemy types (12 if you count the boss), and 4 distinct classes with a perk system, providing an array of weapon and play-style choices:

This melee specialist wades into the thick of combat, hacking and slashing his way through zeds with the aid of an EMP grenade (which stuns enemies), Crovel (a half-shovel, half-crowbar tool), Pulverizer (a sledge hammer equipped with optional explosive charges), VLAD 100 Nail Gun (capable of single-shot or a shotgun-styled spread attack), and Evicerator (essentially a circular saw blade launcher). The Berserker is tricky to play, but deadly in the best way once mastered with perks including damage reduction, bonus movement speed, and bonus melee damage.

A master of mid-range combat, this class prefers to maintain some distance while cutting down zeds with an HE Grenade (that does massive damage in a small radius), and his assorted rifles: the AR-15 ‘Varmint Rifle,’ L85A2 Bullpup, Kalashnikov AK12, and SCAR-H Assault Rifle. The Commando is a more traditional shooter character with an amazing perk set that allows him to detect and show teammates cloaked zeds (yes, that’s a thing), deal bonus damage in single or burst/fully-automatic (or both; player’s preference), and increased Zed Time.

##Field Medic
Every squad needs a medic, and the teams in KF2 are no exception; this class excels at close-to-mid engagement, armed with a Medic Grenade (which deploys a cloud that heals allies and damages zeds), and an assortment of HMTECH weapons that can fire healing darts at allies (available as a pistol, sub-machine gun, shotgun, and assault rifle). The Field Medic splits attention between zeds and allies, killing and healing as needed, and is assisted by perks such as increased max armor, more effective healing, and the ability to repair allies armor.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Support simultaneously assists their team through direct aid and crippling damage on zeds; this close-range class is a master of area damage with the aid of his Frag Grenade (less effective than the Commando’s, but with a larger radius) and an assortment of shotguns (SG 500 Pump-Action, M4 Combat Shotgun, AA_12 Auto Shotgun, and Double-Barrel Boomstick). With perks that allow them to give ammo to allies, increase the penetration of their shotgun rounds, and a higher chance to stumble zeds, the Support is an invaluable asset to any squad.

#What’s yet to come?
While the game is already completely playable in its current state, there are plans to add more levels and at least 4 more classes (which will likely include a sharpshooter of sorts and a flamethrower expert, if the original Killing Floor is any indicator). That said, there’s already more than enough to jump in and have some fun; hit me up if you have any questions or want to throw down :wink:

Killing Floor 2 Free Play Weekend and Sale on Steam
Steam Summer Sale 2015
Steam Summer Sale 2015
Leadership Meeting - 8 June 2015 - 9:00pm EDT

I was gifted this game a month or more ago. I have it installed but haven’t even played it yet.


Welp, I’m about to play; you comin’? :wink: