Killing Floor 2 Free Play Weekend and Sale on Steam



#Title says it all
You can play for free this weekend (and it’s on sale) on Steam! I loved the first one, and the second one has been great so far (almost 50 hours in it). The game’s been updated regularly since it went early access (it’s been in full release for a bit now), adding new classes/perks/weapons/maps for free; the devs did the same with the original Killing Floor, and it’s nice to see that trend continue.

There is absolutely $30 worth of content in the game, and you can get it all for $15 this weekend after playing the full game to see how you like it :wink:


Holy shit.


Someone on staff has to help us make our weekly gaming quotas (also I’ve had it since EA ;)).


I have owned this game for almost 2 years. Only put 81 minutes into it. It’s neat, but similar to Wildlands, it is much more enjoyable with a team.


I don’t know how things are going to be this weekend with all the free players, but the matchmaking and community in general have been pretty good to me in this title. Would not recommend playing solo (it’s massively harder and definitely not as entertaining).