Kingdom Hearts on MOBILE?! (out now)


The game is Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
I’m not sure of the story or anything but so far it’s enjoyable. I picked the snake faction. Thinking of changing to bear.


Everything is “Unchained” recently


In reference to Camelot Unchained: The land has been broken apart by magic and the islands are literally chained together. You have to break those chains binding it to the enemy realm and then chain it to your realm.

Dem wordplays.


Downloading this as we speak


This one’s unchained name has been out for about 2 years or so in Japan so it beat them to the punch lol


Kingdom Hearts has lost all of it’s balls. I used to be really exited about Kingdom Hearts 3, but they are wasting their time and money on DS and mobile games. They are literally throwing away a AAA gold mine.


I agree however the teams are are different so if anything I’d say the hype is killing it. KH3 has been one of the most wanted sequels and so I’m sure they’re trying to make it as perfect as possible but only it’s release will tell.


Kingdom hearts 3 while they took forever starting, will be epic. With big hero 6, avengers, and Star Wars! It will be amazazing(yes I said amazazing)