Klutzy's getting ready to giveaway a copy of GW2 Heroic Edition

I have decided to do a giveaway on my Twitch channel once I hit 30 followers. I have an extra copy of Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition that I will give away at random.

I most Often Stream Overwatch and World of Warcraft, but I also have a large Steam library and intend on starting a day for follower suggestions as well.

Come and enjoy my stream and please let people know!


As a old veteran GW2 player who never got a chance to get the DLC’s… This interest me.

Have never played a GW game

I played for a little while. Like most MMOs it gets boring without friends to play with. :frowning:

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I play did game mostly solo… I have done all the dungeons (Non-DLC) at least 100 times.

I loved the game soo much and the Ranger…

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Nice. That’s a lot more than I managed.

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