Knights of The Fallen Empire trial for returning SWTOR subscribers



If you’re a returning SWTOR subscriber and you want to check the game out, there’s a special right now (until Jan 4) where you can get a free trial.

Join here:

One button click, no CC required (at least, I didn’t have to put one in, maybe it just assumes my old one).

Step into your own Star Wars™ story in Chapter 1, “The Hunt” - ON US!

  • Create your new Level 60 character now and jump right in!
  • Experience a return to BioWare-style storytelling.
  • Confront a powerful new enemy, The Eternal Emperor.
  • Make choices that matter and recruit Companions into your Alliance.
  • Subscribe at any time to continue your saga - Knights of the Fallen Empire is free for Subscribers!

Join the Strats empire here:


Just some additional comments about this.
The free trial only goes to the end of Chapter one of the new story which is quite short (there are several chapters to the story, I believe 10+). And if you do not take your free level 60 past level 60 you can delete it and get your lvl 60 coin back and try another class. So feel free to avoid leveling up and try all the classes.

Also, the story gives you your available abilities slowly as the story progresses so you don’t have them all at once. However if you go to the Fleet it will leave the story instance and then give you access to all of your available abilities so that you can mess with your build and see how you like the class without leveling past 60.


Follow up follow up, by adding an authenticator to your account you get 100 cartel coins a month for free.

There are some awesome mobile authenticators out there.

Authy is the one I use. It backs up its tokens online so you can get them no matter where you are and what device you are using.


Used to use Authy, it’s nice. I moved to 1Password after they released 2FA support though (since all my passwords are there anyway).

It’s good SWTOR is using a standard 2FA setup instead of some proprietary junk. I thought you were required to use their app.


I did too until I took the code that they gave me and put it into authy instead of their app. It worked fine. Might want to try it with yours.


Just set it up, works great!


Nice nice. Didn’t know if it would work or not. Last time I had a lot of issues with their authenticator and I was shocked that it actually worked this time with a third-party authenticator no less.