Landing page is a must


from personal experience.

People dont know wtf is about unless someone from explain it to them. Why?

There is no landing page. And i believe we do need one.

Taken from discord chat and as i said:

Simple landing page that explains everything

Gaming forum, clan index, gaming index, etc, etc, etc…

You just scroll… If you get into it you will sub!!! (subscribe to the forums, etc)

My idea, simple, just tell new people what is strats, make them sub. simple.

there is also new ideas (tools) that i think are a must for strats.


We used to have one; now it just redirects to the forums. That leads me to believe it is being worked on.


Yeah it would be helpful. It looked really professional and I thought brought people in.


I’ve decided to take this project on.


Nice! Please let me know if i can help you with anything.


Update on this:

  • Server is set up: Running php-fpm, nginx, and mysql to power a quick wordpress instance.

  • Hoping wordpress will allow us to empower other authors and maintainers who can help edit content.


  • I need some more ideas about what kinds of things you’d like to see when a person lands on

  • Finish wordpress setup and move styles and whatnot over to match the forum

  • Update the forum header so that the main menu is consistent across all services


Here’s a list of a few things I like to see on a landing page in no particular order:

Statistics: member count, what countries we have members in/how many in each. etc.

Social Media: Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Maybe display the latest of each or some sort of small feed?

Clans: A list of what games we have clans in.

Welcome Message: Displaying a welcoming message.

New/Announcements: This allows people to see we’re active and doing things, and informs them of what.

What is Starts: Basically tell who we are/what we do.

Internal Links: Links to become a member/signups, the forums, and eventually the projects that are in the works.

Aesthetics: Keeping things simple and organized, but yet appealing, with your eyes first landing on he most important information first. Starts overall has nice clean theme already, sticking with a landing page that is similar should work quite nicely.


I believe a small feed only for Twitter and Currently Twith Team streamers (Streaming) should be enough.

Righ at the top. Short and descriptive.

Upcoming MAIN announcements (strats weekly, events, giveaway, etc.

Simple, yet informative :smile:


Great feedback @GuardianOfLaoria, thanks!


Updated a bit:
The no-cache version is available here:


  • fix video load so it’s faster in the top splash area
  • sortable Guilds/Clans list
  • features list (mumble, discord, etc)
  • live Discord stats
  • figure out better text/copy and headlines


Looks great! I saw that there is no picture right in the front. What if we put a division picture there or keep it updated with our biggest current multiplayer group.


There’s a video there if you’re on desktop but it wasn’t loading initially due to https mismatch errors with the YouTube API. Should be fixed now though.

I need to add one for mobile since it falls back to an image (maybe that’s what you’re referring to).


Yeah that makes more sense now. I’m on mobile.


I have to say that is a fantastic looking landing page. Bravo sir. Only thing I might suggest is having the video’s audio be controllable, and perhaps start up muted. I know sometimes people might be jamming to some tunes and crank their volume up, and they visit a site that has audio playing from the start and their ears blasted, I really like that it pauses if you go to a different browser tab also. The overall flow you have going looks great as well.


I second this.

But the landing page is pretty damn solid in my books. Pretty damn solid.


Maybe Web.M video with music instead of audio?


@Vocino great job! That looks amazing! Very professional.