Landmark & EverQuest Next

So they’ve gone from Alpha to Close Beta now. It’s looking pretty damn cool. What are your thoughts?


Loved the world but the EQ/EQII interfaces and gameplay felt dated.

I haven’t seen much about EQ Next, but the very idea of it intrigues me, from what I had seen of Landmark I thought it was just a building simulator and I didn’t really care too much about that, but as more info about EQ Next becomes available I’m sure I’ll hop on the Hype Train.

I had read that the interface in Landmark at least was pretty innovative. :confused:

Lots of gameplay vods up showcasing the ui.

From a business standpoint Landmark is a very interesting concept, have people pay to build your MMOs assets.

As for the ui, eq1 is what… 15ish years old? EQ2 is about the same age as WoW. I just don’t know what they would innovate on the visual side of the ui.

I would definitely help establish a guild if anyone is interested, but I would be confined to junior partner position as I have PS2 obligations.

Was this the game where they let people build the world and the dungeons? And by let, I mean people paid big money to do it?

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Wooooo! I played Landmark in alpha but wasn’t my cup of tea. Now Everquest Next is one game i am very interested with and the reason I keep up with Landmark. I am looking forward to hearing more Next news and playing in on PS4 when it releases… even if that is in 2018 :wink:

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We will see…since EQ Next isn’t even in any kind of alpha I’ll bide my time.

if it turns out to be another EQOA, I’ll stab a fool.

Everquest came out in March of 1999. EQ2 launched about a month before Wowcraft I believe.

My opinion on Landmark was that SOE was charging people a couple hundred dollars to build their game world. Brilliant tactic. After today’s announcement that the studio has been sold I guess they needed that money from Landmark and H1Z1.

Nevermind that Landmark is technically not EQNext. It’s Minecraft with better graphics. Once Landmark is “launched” they still have to develop EQNext.

Everquest was my first. But you gotta let her go.

Not sure if I’ll be a part of the EQ realm. I never really cared for the first, every one after that, as someone said above, felt dated. Glad to hear they’re moving to Beta though.

I typically play FFXIV or GW2 for my fill of MMOs, and occasionally dabble in some Korean free MMOs. They’re all the same, more or less, but have cool quirks to them.

I really enjoyed FF14, I just wish I had more time to devote to it. I liked that you only needed one character to do everything. After playing for a while I realized I liked the long global cooldown and I really missed the old school tab-target style.

For the past 2 days I’ve really been wanting to try Neverwinter again. My cleric was fun, but that game is so deep in the microtransactions…


Meh I let go of that game a while ago. I didn’t buy into the landmark hype and, depending on EQNext and its features, I may not buy into it either.

Honestly though, if I get a month out of a game these days I consider it a resounding success.

Wildstar lasted about 2 months.

ESO lasted about 2-3 months.

Maybe it is just a shift in my game desires but I just don’t have MMOs in me atm.

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Amen to this.

I’ve been playing the crap out of Neverwinter over the past 2 weeks, they have several new races, and 2 new classes added since the game first launched.

I’ve been leveling a Hunter Ranger and having a ton of fun.

They also just announced the next module coming out soon will include Oathbound Paladin as a new class.

I strongly suggest checking it out again bud.

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Like I always say, it’s us that has changed. Not the games. The MMOs we grew up with were worse than what’s out there now in a lot of ways. There is way more to do in ESO than there was in vanilla WoW or EQ1 but we were thinking about it from a limited time perspective.

Maybe that’s just me.


I think it’s also the bonds aren’t created like they were in the early mmo days. Playing in a decent guild back then you got closer to people by playing in groups of 4, 10 or 25 regularly. Today with so many options, people aren’t sticking w the same game/groups like before.

I stuck w wow even when the game wasn’t that great anymore just for the people. I sold Destiny after 5 weeks since group/clan options in game were weak and had already beaten the raid. (Nothing against Strats, it’s a good community and I’m getting more from it now but Destiny really hindered clan communication/bonding imo)


I agree with you. In fact, that was really the motivation to create this forum after people started dropping off from ESO.

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Yes, yes, yes. I support this statement 100%. I miss the days of logging into my old groups/guilds and being welcomed with enormously open arms. That, and time. When I was a kid, it was easy to shell out four to six hours a day on an MMO. Now with responsibilities and such, I’m lucky if I get an hour or so, and that time is used mostly for single player/new titles.


Yes to Time as well. Too bad we can’t get jobs playing games all day long and include our kids lol

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