Landmark: How Minecraft Should Have Been


Does anyone play Landmark? I’m looking to find some people to explore and build stuff with.

If your wondering what Landmark is, here is a link:


i was in a beta, and i logged in for like 10 minutes but didn’t have time to get into it. since then, i’ve been trying to get back in, but i guess i was in a limited beta cuz i don’t have access anymore. i’m thinking of picking up one of those starter packs to get access again, but wildstar is going to have my full attention at least for a little bit.


I tried the wildstar beta, it was fun but didn’t really get me excited. I picked up the settler pack on steam for $20, so far it’s been worth it too me. I just want EQN to come out already! When that launches forget everything else, all my gaming time is going to that.


Yeah, I picked it up. It’s a good idea for the IQN team. Not only will they get part of their world built for them, but it’s an extended time for the devs to get some of the core code working perfectly.

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