Large Scale Groups in the DZ



We were talking about it in Discord the other day, here is how you pull it off. Rehosted here:

Okay so I’m just wondering, if I am in a clan and we have a couple of
groups is it possible for all 8 of us to join the same DZ? So 2 groups
running around together. Thanks!


create group of 4, enter DZ, 1 leave and invite 3 new, original group invite 1new

2 groups of 4 in the same DZ instance

but I don’t know how hard it will be to not shoot each others

Follow up:

I often experienced a situation when inviting a new player into my DZ
group while I was already in the DZ and they were not in my DZ.

A message would come across the bottom saying “DZ is full” or
something like that and it was transferring. I can’t recall exactly how
this message was worded nor can I find any source video, maybe someone
else remembers?

When it occurred, I experienced no loading and remained in the Darkzone so I’m not sure what this was doing behind the scenes.

But if we think about it logically, it can be possible that the
original group of 4 were in a full DZ(24/24), so something would have to
happen thus you might not end up with the intended result of 8 of you
in the same DZ.

and a Cherry picked comment:

Just an FYI, the server will move groups to emptier servers if the server you’re on gets full. So it can work, for a time, but then four of you in a group will get moved to a new server.

So yeah, it is possible to get larger groups into the same DZ but for an unknown duration and 0 team benefits.


Well the benefits are really to guarantee a safe extraction by having greater numbers. Having 2 teams of 3 using voice chat is optimal, I.e. They may decide to transfer a team of 4 in a full server rather than a team of 3. the only thing is I’m not sure how NPC drops would be affected if both separate teams decided to go after the same NPCs. Splitting up and getting loot and meeting back up for extraction or rogue hunting would be beneficial for all involved.


I think this is what will happen on all platforms. If people have the ability to voice coms outside of the division I fully expect to see forums crying about 8+ man groups rolling over entire DZs.


Yes but you can proximity chat with 7 other randoms in the instance and and achieve the same thing inside of the game as well. There doesn’t seem to be a way around it . There’s a video of 4 rogues using proximity chat to get 3 other players to help them, and it works and they get away.

There’s really no way to tell whether they teamed up outside of the game or inside. Now there are some cons to this. Friendly fire will have negative affects of shooting another friendly not in your group. And with a server of 24 players you are still outnumbered in a manhunt situation 2-1 in a group of 8. But granted as to how it is available in game there shouldn’t be any punishment or complaining for doing it out of game. This is a social game and the rewards for being social and working together are part of what makes this game so interesting.


I really don’t see friendly fire as that big of an issue to a clan, maybe to pugs because of the skill level but any group of people who are above average in skill on their respective platforms and FPS’ will absolutely roll the other 16 people in a DZ.

I just hope the reaction to it by the devs isn’t too knee-jerk. There are lots of issues around the gaming industry where people stand on various sides. If you were to ask people about using the gaming mouse you have to perform small macros in game, people would be on both sides of it. In a situation where you have player vs player emotions rule people in a very real way and as such people want fixes to this “exploit” and punishments given to players abusing the “exploit.”

Personally, I wouldn’t be shocked if they made it so that any time you pull a person into an instance with you and then drop them from the group, they are put into a different instance.


“Personally, I wouldn’t be shocked if they made it so that any time you pull a person into an instance with you and then drop them from the group, they are put into a different instance”

I hope not, then that would screw over the assholes who join a and then leave to backstab them and take their stuff, which they also have as a selling point in the game. I don’t see them doing that. And eventually teams will have to work together during raids. I just see them leaving it how it is. But who knows what’s going to happen.