Last game you truly loved?


What is the last game that you found captivating, moving, addictive, inspirational, or just flawless (in your opinion)? What game can you think of that you wish you could play again for the first time over and over? I don’t know mine… I’ll come back after some thought. Thanks to @Ausylon for asking this in discord.



Chrono Trigger.

Pretty good?

Probably Dying Light. Loved the world. Not quite perfect storywise though.

But the world was really fun to traverse and I rather liked the combat system.

Nightmare mode made it a fun challenge and balanced out skills quite a bit.


Axiom Verge. That game was everything I was looking for in a Metroid-style game. The game takes me under 2 hours to 100%, but I’ve logged something like 72 hours playing it. I’ve definitely played it more than Super Metroid.


If I’m honest with myself, it’s between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, God of War 3, or Uncharted 3. I’ve been trying to figure out why these and I think it’s because they are very story driven with lots of action and either period pieces or really good acting. These are the only 3 games that my wife will sit and watch me play through, she loves them also (she is not a gamer). That may make my decision biased but oh well. If I had to pick one, God of War 3. There have been tons of probably better games I’ve played, and spent WAAAAYYYY more hours on but this one was just memorable for me. Also something to note, she wants me to play these games in order if I play them, so to play God of War 3, I’d have to play the other 2 first, same with Uncharted.

wow, that’s some serious replay value


Lords of Shadow was much better than the reviews I read before playing it. I was glad I bought it. I never bought the next one, though. Heard that was bad also. I wonder how much of the bad review was simply the reviewer wanting a SOTN-style Castlevania game rather than a DMC/God of War style beat-em-up.


I can tell you right now, the second castlevania, to my GREAT dismay, was absolutely awful, it really made me sad :frowning:


Tie between Bloodborne and The Last of Us. One sucked me in for well over 40hrs, the other gave those heart strings a good tug


My one true love will always be Knights of the Old Republic.


Destiny. Sadly, the love didn’t last. I’m playing the Division and Marvel Heroes right now. Neither of them hold a candle to House of Wolves era Destiny for me.


I was really into Blade and Soul. It’s an MMO. It kind of got old after a while though.


The Witcher 3


The one game/franchise i can always come back to, that i truly love is… Sid Meier’s Civilization (V).


dying light was my favorite i wish they had a second one


I’ve been mulling over this question for a while; I think if there’s any game I could go back and play for the first time again it’d be Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. By far my favorite RPG that I’ve played, and the only one I’ve ever played through multiple times.


If I had to go back to the last game I recall truly loving, it would be Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire.

Look at those requirements. How many of you have even seen a 3.5" disk? :laughing:

There’s some screenshots for you. The original EGA version and a later VGA remake.

I played through this game so many times I can still recall many of the scenes and quote many lines. This game is 25 years old.

My wife only plays games when the kids ask her to, but she really enjoyed watching me play thru the Uncharted series as well. I would have to wait for her to get home so I could play it.


Checked out the DLC that was released last month yet?

Apparently, it is a large story expansion.


no kidding? i really need to check it out


I have 2. One is the borderlands game, because me and a buddy I worked with for awhile would get together and hook our xboxs together and play for up to 7 or 8 hours and it was a fun time to spend with a good friend. My other is kingdom hearts(mainly 2) because the gameplay but mainly the story just drove me in and I felt so much for these characters and want to know more and want them to be happy. I can’t wait for the third game to come out.


I’m not sure which is my favorite, but I will say that vanilla Destiny was probably my most favorite time with a game. That was an experience I never really had before on console. I don’t know if I really have a game that I love most, but I will say as of right now the I do have a most favorite console and it’s the PS4. Second to that is PS2. I have a feeling PSVR or the HTC Vive might surpass that. Sorry for the small troll.


It would have to be the best game ever made, Warhammer Online <3

Here’s an old trailer: