Last Hours for Crowfall Kickstarter


Just thought I’d let people know that the Crowfall Kickstarter campaign has less than a day left for those interested in getting in at the beginning. They offer a lot of good things to backers and their website gives a lot of information about the game and it’s mechanics if you’d like to know more.




I’ve been up and down about this project throughout the campaign. Still unsure but I’m giving them some support. Change has to start somewhere.


Well, they hit all of their stretch goals raising $1,783,796 which is almost double their original goal of $800,000.

I’m hoping they succeed in delivering what they intended


They used a lot of buzzwords, threw out some flashy things (VR support in a 3rd person MMO?) and even had eye candy by casting “Natalie” in some of their Youtube videos. They might have even spent some money buying ads on MMO news sites during the last days of the campaign.

It was a unique Kickstarter that’s for sure. But like I said change has to start somewhere. It’s obvious that the PvE-Wowcraft clones just aren’t cutting it. Maybe it’s finally time for PvP to step to the front.


I definitely think PvP is moving to the front row, all the upcoming MMOs either revolve around it or are so sandbox that there is nothing else to do but kill other players.


Crowfall is trying to be more than just PvP. They want to have a strategic element and an economic side to their game too. I commend them for trying something different I’m just concerned if it really can be done.

They’re not even sure if it can be done but they definitely convinced some people that it’s worth trying.