Last Night I Downloaded That OBS


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It’s been a month since I made this original post. Since then I’ve had a few successful streams on the PS4.

After last night’s meeting, where streaming/Twitch was discussed, I had a talk with @tommy2118. I realized that I had some misinformation about how streaming works on the PC. So I downloaded this OBS program and got to work.

Bottom line is I believe I have successfully streamed Heroes of the Storm at 720p on my 1.5mbps upload speed internet connection. And that’s pretty groovy. Now I need to try a shooter or MMO to see if I can do a faster/more intense game.

The only complaint I have is that my HotS game seems to have some input lag when I’m streaming. Sometimes it takes a second for the hero to react when I select a new spot to move. Does anyone else experience this or know what might cause it?


What’s your CPU?


Just thought I should have listed my specs

Nvidia 780 SLI


The i5 is almost certainly your bottleneck. Since you have 2 780s in SLI, I would switch your encoder to NVENC. This way you’re doing the real-time video encoding on one of your cards.

You have a lot more room there than an i5.


I tried using Quick Sync and I think it made things slightly worse. I’ll give NVENC a shot.


Yeah, NVENC is a valid option when you’ve got extra GPU power lying around, h264 is your best bet if you have a beefy CPU, Quick Sync is best used when you hate yourself.


I tried another stream of Heroes last night and it seems NVENC might have helped. The lag wasn’t as noticable at least.

I think I might try a different game today to see if there’s any other problems. Most likely Marvel Heroes (another mid-range streaming game). Then I just need to adjust some audio settings and get a few assets added.

Hopefully I will be joining this stream team soon. Maybe a Crowfall alpha stream that @W1thl0v3 requested will be happening late summer!