Last of Us: Remastered $22

I don’t lie! Just got it for myself today as I don’t have it yet.

They seem pretty reputable so far, they emailed me after I asked them to just send me the digital code, and they said they couldn’t to keep buyer/seller relationships at a standard or something official like that.

I’ll reply to this when I have the digital download code card in my hand by monday at the latest :smiley:


Great deal. Last of Us is worth it for sure. Epic game. We’ve even done some Strats multiplayer matches.


It says fullfilled by Amazon, so I’d say it’s probably legit.

Excellent game though, well worth the money even at full price.

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No joke, this game gave me nightmares, living in Austin and all.

At this price I might buy it a 3rd time! lol… That’s honestly the best deal ever

So stoked to play it, I’ve heard it’s beautiful and that is what gets me going in video games you know? So happy to get it finally.

Anybody who says video games are not a legit art haven’t played this game.

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