Launch day adult beverage megathread


What’s your poison?


Entirely too much wax for my taste. I mean, be trendy all you want, but your branding becomes somewhat ineffective if I can’t even see the name of your product. Call me old fashioned.




Interesting drink! In college I came up with my own Cream Soda/Spiced Rum drink. Of course, it was just cream soda and spiced rum, heh.

Here’s tonight’s poison, of which I’m slurping on. When the one on the left (which I’m just mixing lemon juice and sprite with) is gone, I’ve got the one on the right as back up. Probably just go with sprite for that.


I love Old Fashioneds with Maker’s bourbon.


Wine… lots of wine!


Take your pick. This is an Instagram worthy shot of my bar.


It’s beer for me this weekend. Dogfish Head, Bells Oberon. Mmm. BTW love Makers, it’s a solid choice.






MiO Energy, assorted flavors.



Because I’m a classy guy.



I will never forget being obliged to drink that. Being polite has never been so painful.
Edit, but Metaxa(?) is awesome.



Those are some amazing looking beers.


metaxa is the worlds only 5 star coniak so yah its the fucking bomb