Lawbreakers alpha weekend


Anyone else get into lawless alpha and will be playing this weekend? If so let me know, we’ll try and get a few games in.


Are you talking about LawBreakers?

If not, link to this Lawless.


yea, I got the code for lawbreakers, stuff always happens when I’m busy, if it’s still up monday I’ll get on


I am here waiting to try the new game mode… But wait… add me to steam… NOW!


Oops, thats what i get for not paying attention to what i’m typing. Ya Lawbreakers. I’ll get you added when i get on tonight xploz1on, we’ll game it up. I’m a bit of a late gamer 10pm to early am the next day. Hopefully i’ll see you on. Whats your steam contact info?

Unless they extend alpha, its limited hours.

Friday July 22nd 6PM - 9PM PDT thats 9-12 est
Saturday July 23rd 9AM - 12PM PDT 12 to 3am est monday.


i got in too, not sure if i have a ton of time to play this weekend though.