LawBreakers, looks intense, thoughts?


I’ve checked in on this from time to time to see if it’s something I’d be interested in. I like the verticality and movement component, I’m a huge fan of bionic commando (yes, even the new one) and I’m pretty sure there’s straight up flying characters too. Seems a little hectic but then again, watching even my own videos of playing overwatch, it seems pretty fast too. What do ya’ll think?

Lawbreakers alpha weekend

You didn’t get into the close alpha?? I did thanks to @ducksauce88

This game is like the son of Unreal Tournament with crazy gravity mutators… Feels, looks, plays damn smooth man.

They releases a patch yesterday, need to try it again.


I think I applied too late, I’ve only had it on my radar for a few months


i’ve applied with 3 emails for closed alpha. still waiting to hear back. looks interesting to try for sure.