Leadership Meeting - 1 June 2015 - 9:00pm EDT


#The leadership meeting thread isn’t in the lounge?!
So, it occurred to us that as we’ve moved more and more towards an open and public leadership meeting that there was no reason for us to keep the suggestion thread behind a permissions wall. If there’s a topic you’d like to hear discussed, toss it up and we’ll look at covering it if it’s appropriate. By this, we mean that we’re not going to handle trivial, microcosm issues or thoughts that aren’t relevant to a high-level community leadership meeting. Get those ideas flowing and we’ll see you next week :wink:

#Leadership Meeting Talking Points:
(sequence and additional points TBD based on other contributions)

  • State of the guilds/IP’s/franchises
  • [Your idea here]

Do please post if there’s something you’d like to have discussed at this week’s meeting; we’re attempting to stick to the line items as closely as possible to keep meetings both topical and reasonably brief :wink:



On my way but might be starting just a hair late depending on how long it takes me to get the setup going in OBS.


Seems like this week might be a super-short meeting given the general lack of topics anyhow :wink:


Nevermind, we’re live. Get your shit inside kids! http://twitch.tv/stratsco


Directions unclear: kids are already full of shit.