Leadership Meeting - 8 June 2015 - 9:00pm EDT


#Leadership Meeting Talking Points:
(sequence and additional points TBD based on other contributions)

  • State of the guilds/IP’s/franchises
  • Blizzard
  • Make sure Strats/Twitch partners are up to date
  • The Division update (Droul)
  • Farm Simulator server (Droul)
  • [Your idea here]

Do please post if there’s something you’d like to have discussed at this week’s meeting; we’re attempting to stick to the line items as closely as possible to keep meetings both topical and reasonably brief :wink:

##There will be a giveaway in the stream this week!
Two Steam keys to Killing Floor 2 will be handed out during the meeting’s stream :wink:

  • Blizzard





It might be time to at least mention Crowfall and gauge interest in this game. I’ve pledged for a decent sum of money with this game. It provides me with Alpha 1 access which will hopefully be starting at end of summer.

Some of the perks of my pledge package are a decent sized Eternal Kingdom (glorified player housing that can be shared/combined with others) as well as reserving a guild name and “access to expanded colors and symbols for Guild Heraldry creator”.

However, by doubling my current pledge amount, I could use Custom Unique Guild Heraldry. There would also be even bigger player housing. And an invitation to the Crowfall launch party for anyone near Austin.

I think I have until the 14th to raise my pledge. I might be willing to do it if interest is high. But Crowfall is likely to be a serious game. People on the forums are already trying to play hardcore. Not sure if any of you played Shadowbane or Darkfall.


Still haven’t seen the post I’ve been waiting for.


Reminder bump, also updated OP with the giveaway :wink:


Any way you could stream this? I am super interested in Crowfall, and I know several other members are as well. I think Crowfall is going to be amazing, I just wish the wait wasn’t so long. :pensive:

With that being said, Albion Online’s Beta access is opening end of the month. Might be something worth mentioning? I know @simplyundrea did a beta key giveaway, and @DrizztDo_Urden69 even had Albion Online stop by his stream the other day.

EDIT: One more thing, ESO guild has lost two more members, putting us down to 42. Is recruitment something we want to push for the guild, or should we wait until the hype train for HotS, Albion Online, and others die down? I myself haven’t been playing as much as I used to, but would be willing to play some more with others who are interested! :slight_smile:


I’ve actually been considering this over the weekend. The fact is that my upload speed is just trash. I get between 1.5-2mbps. I’ve tried streaming with the PS4 a little bit and it seems to do alright but I doubt I could produce a quality stream with my PC.

Crowfall is not supposed to be under any NDA once testing begins, so all testers can freely stream and discuss the game. I’ll gladly share any info you would like once it begins.

I’ve been a member of the forums since about a month after the site went up. I’ve made a few connections already and my name is semi-known. However, I’m known as one of the softercore people. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a tough world out there.


We still love you @teh_ninjaneer, even if your sound card isn’t the best <3


And I’ll be in this meeting, sorry I’ve had to miss the last couple of meetings, real life has been a real mcasshole on my monday nights. But I’ll be there tomorrow to discuss stuff along with being very present in multiple different area’s once Albion Online’s Alpha gets closer.

  • Make sure Strats/Twitch partners are up to date.


My sound card is strong.

I just had this grand idea. I’m looking into the ShadowPlay feature of the Geforce Experience software. It says it has a Twitch mode where you can stream directly to the service. After I do some more reading I might give it a go and just see what happens with my bandwidth.

I imagine the program will be limited. However, if I can generate a somewhat decent video stream then I might use that for a while rather than worry about capture cards, OBS, and all that jazz.


@tommy2118 are you here for this or should I set it up to stream?


I will be there and would like to talk about 2 things…

  1. The Division update
  2. Farm Simulator server

i cant stay long as i am watching my brothers dog who is sick :frowning:


I can stream it.