League of Legends - 101 from a Platinum



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@sirpunchface I have dabbled in LoL but, I have been intimidated by the length of time the game has been out and the less then welcoming feeling from the LoL community.

Would you be interested in putting together a “101” or a " What you need to know…" for the members here at Strats in my position?

Other LoL players feel free to join in the conversation.


I can put something together. But for now an old clip with @Wayward https://youtu.be/WuPD29nw6d4


Bahahahaha! I forgot all about that.


Nice! He was one of my favs when playing. I love the Wombo Combo :smiley:


Perfect example. I have no idea what I just watched. :smile:


I would love to help build a 101 to Platinum guide for league, Why I lack any real Rank in League to give the ultimate competitive guide I can definitely help in teaching basic and advance strategy. Even help give advice and hints for the Top Lane role in league if Strats does guides for the different roles and @PeterThomas6 could do a nice guide for the support role.


Don’t feel bad, Tommy. I have been playing League for a bit and I STILL couldn’t see what was so awesome about that, outside of them being close to dying and not. :smile:

@Freshie44 While I appreciate the shoutout, I don’t know that I’m the best person to write about the support role. I love it, but I’m not that person. You may want to solicit da real MVP, @Auth.


It was a 4v2 tower dive in bottom lane that ended in a 3 for 0 exchange with the Jax jungle coming in at the last minute for the save. Alistar (the bull) is a tanky support who did exactly what he needed to do: protect Ezriel (the Attack Damage Carry or ADC) who is the primary damage dealer for the team (literally a glass cannon). It helped that the other team misplayed horribly by chasing down Alistar rather than turning on the squishy Ezriel and that they had no concept of a hard engage (going in all at the same time rather than pussy-footing around one at a time). The Jungler Jax (purple dude who showed up at the last minute to save Alistar) either had good map awareness to see there were 4 enemy players in bottom lane trying to push the tower down or was fortunate enough to be on the correct side of the jungle by accident; either way, without him the enemy team would have limped away with 1 kill rather than 0. They still got outplayed something fierce :wink:

Reference support play advice, I have plenty to offer about the broader concepts, tips and tricks with specific champions, etc., but I haven’t played the rift since S3, so my ward advice is outdated, particularly in the laning phases where it’s most crucial. That said, I’d be happy to offer advice to anyone who would like it :wink:


It’s good to know that there are a lot of people here that are able to help out with this, I will also be helping @sirpunchface with the guide, primarily the meta as it is now and the ADC role, to what I can do. Its good to know that there are people out here that can help out.