League of Legends - DJ Sona has taken the stage. :)

DJ Sona has arrived, and she looks absolutely stellar. I still haven’t been able to use her yet because greedy people are greedy and take her early. :frowning: BUT! Hopefully soon. How many of you are going to be crazy like me and shell out the $20 for her newest skin?

Also, have you heard the music yet? Because if you haven’t, it’s amazing. The way that she plays is that these three songs cycle as you play as her, and her abilities change based on which song is playing at the time. Concussive is my favorite.


For some reason I am terrible at Sona but every other support I can play fine. Still, that skin is sexy and I am likely going to buy it.


oh it’s happening… i just got paid today lol.

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This is actually better than I expected, and Sona was my 2nd love (behind Morgana from my beta days). I wonder if I have any RP still on my account…

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Haha, now I can finally have that sweet ultimate bot lane.

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Had some dude take Sona on the other team, my champion, and not even use her new skin. I was Braum and went after her the whole match lol. Revenge is sweet

@Auth Sona was my second love too! I found Lux first, who reminded me so much of me, and I adored her. But then Sona played on my heartstrings and I was in love ever since. She isn’t my favorite champ anymore, but she’s still one of my personal favorites.

I’ve finally gotten the chance to play with her a bit, and she’s definitely a lot of fun. The different songs that change the way she plays is a lot of fun, even though I’ve not pinpointed what all of them do. I know some of them make her stronger, some take away from her aura buffs, and some mess with cooldowns, it seems, but that’s about all I can figure out. I’m sure there’s more to it than that though. She’s just as fun as Sona has been.

Here’s a game I went 5/0/17 on with her. You can see me changing tunes in this match and everything.

-EDIT- Didn’t realize the link would just bring up a direct channel embed. Here’s the link :wink:

-EDIT2- ILU @Auth. <3

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