League of Legends - Objective Guide (Season 5)



This guide will talk about overall objectives that should be accomplished as the game continues on. Please keep in mind that all of these are variable based on how well/poorly your team is doing, and the current situation of your game. However for the most part, the objectives remain constant; diverting from these could absolutely cost you the game, so be very careful.

By Objective:

Laning - Obviously the most important part of the first 10 or so minutes of a game, the laning phase determines how the beginning of the game is going to go. In this lane it is incredibly important that your top, mid, and ADC are gathering as much gold as possible via minion last hits, as well as trying to stop their opponents from getting said kills. Supports do what they can to offer up kills to their ADC (but doing what they can to NOT feed their own ADC). A support is expected to die once in a while, espeically if it scores two kills for your ADC, but if you can escape death, you will be commended. The jungler should be farming as fast as humanly possible to be ready to gank a lane or protect from being ganked from an enemy jungler. Please, respect your jungler by helping him/her leash (assist in lowering a jungle monster’s health) so that your jungler can have as much health as possible for their next move. Most will ask for help, and most ask for help at your blue large monster (learn where the positions of your monsters are for each side). The goal here, obviously, is to push as much pressure on each lane to take each lane’s outer turrets.

Turrets - First and foremost, turrets should always be your number one objective. Not only do they provide a team gold bonus for each one you take, but they allow for minions to gather and push harder on each lane without you being in it constantly. Each and every turret has a strength and weakness, and it’s imperative to learn what turrets do what, and how you can approach them to destroy them. If there’s a choice to take a turret or take dragon (not defend/steal it), then a turret is optimal.

Dragon - This is a tricky subject for some, and a lot of people don’t realize how important Dragon is, especially after the new way his buffs are delivered. Dragon could mean the difference between a win and an overwhelming comeback. The buffs he gives are as follows:

  1. AD/AP Increase (6%)
  2. Tower Damage Increase (15%)
  3. Movement Increase (5%)
  4. Minion/Neutral Monster Damage Increase (15%)
  5. Double All Previous Buffs and Add Burning to Attacks for 150

As you can see, if you are defeating dragon and getting these buffs (the first four are permanent), you are already running far more efficiently than the other team, even if it’s only a step. Sometimes that step is all you need. This is also why it is equally as important to prevent your opponents from getting them as well. Dragon, to me, is far more important to grab than Baron, and better than getting Inhibs in most instances (if you are looking for the buffs, or stopping your opponents from getting it).

Inhibitors - It seems pretty self explanatory, but a lot of people will actually leave an open inhibitor for Baron, which does no one any good whatsoever. The appearance of super minions do so much for a team that it is almost like playing with an extra player. Super minions are not easily taken down by many kinds of champs, and will clear a lane of minions with little trouble. Most champs fighting super minions get hit hard, and allow you to pick off damaged champs pretty easily, or have them burning off skills so that you can swoop in for a kill. This gives you time to focus on a different lane (or split push two lanes), or tackle other objectives like Dragon or Baron. Two sets of super minions can keep a team occupied and sometimes can even win a game if the opposing team cannot manage their strength.

Baron - A lot of people think Baron is more important than dragon, but that is NOT the case. Most often, it takes a whole team to fight Baron, so unless the conditions are JUST right, fighting Baron could not only be risky, but could cost you your team the game. Baron’s buff is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I only recommend getting it if a) the main damage dealers of the opposing team are gone or b) the inhibitors are keeping the team occupied with super minions. Those are the most opportune times, but sometimes a risk is necessary to sway the game in your favor.

By Time:


By Role:


Hope this helps, and best of luck to you. As always, suggestions and criticism are always welcome.



Yay, I plan on adding a lil when I get back from my trip but love the write up brother


excellent guide as always Peter. Its really awesome how you’ve learned the game so well now that your writing guides now


Whats your elo I could put you on the A,B,or C team if you wanted



Great! Look forward to it, and thank you!

Trust me, it’s weird to think how far I’ve come myself. Now I can see why people got so frustrated with me when I didn’t know the game.

I don’t have one. I’m not a high enough level to be ranked yet. But thank you.


So only suggestion, throw in something about jungling at the laning phase, if you don’t know i’ll be glad to help you out on that. I know you mentioned it, but you really should have a whole section on jungling, and maybe some pictures? throw in one of the normal maps so people can see how it looks if they don’t play.