League of Legends: Piglet Benched


I mean i know his showing in the LCS was poor til now but i figured that he had a couple more games in him until he got into the swing of things.

They totally threw him to the wolves though, a change to location, roster, LANGUAGE…they should have had him on the bench, training with the team longer before putting him on the field. Can’t complain about their go-to choice though, KIETH had an amazing showing in the opening week.

Sucks to be a pro-player in e-sports atm, though I guess it is amazing to actually utter that phrase. Who would have guessed 20 years ago that e-sports would even BE a thing. Amazing time to be a gamer and lover of competitive games.

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I saw this, and not gonna lie, i wasn’t very surprised by the decision. It sucks, but its a competition and if you don’t show up to play, you get benched. It’s pretty unfortunate though, he had alot going agenst him.

totally agree, overall I think it was a bad decision to bank on him simply from a “he was in WORLDS!” point. KIETH meshed with the team in a great way, he played VERY well and was mechanically skilled. It will only benefit them to play this out.

Yeah and that’s the thing, they weren’t going for a player that meshed they were going for the “best” player they could get, or so they thought.

With the TSM vs CLG game the other day, this season is shaping up well. CLG totally threw that game though, I couldn’t believe some of the plays they were pulling. Bronze level, single file, walk in and die plays.

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Somewhat related :wink:

Someone is going to have the explain this to me.