League of Legends vs. DOTA2


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Just curious, why did you guys choose League over DOTA? I tried them both briefly and I found the graphical style of DOTA much more appealing to me. I can’t comment on the gameplay though since I didn’t spend a ton of time in either one. From what I understand, the gameplay is very similar right?


DOTA 2, IMO, has a higher bar-to-entry and is a more stressful and complicated game to play when compared to League; faster cooldowns on skills and items, less effective towers, last hitting and denying, and map augmentation are just some of the reasons for this :wink:


Never tried Dota, I just like the Champions in league


If you like the champions, that’s all the more reason to check out Dota 2; League’s champions were and are largely based on the DOTA champions and, having played both sides myself, I actually prefer the Dota 2 ones over League’s with a few exceptions :wink:


Mm I’ll see, a big thing of me playing league is most of my friends play it, don’t really know anyone that plays dota


I played DOTA in '06 for awhile, but I’ve always been more of an RPG person than MOBA. A friend recruited me to League in 2010 (EUW) and another in 2013 (NA). DOTA 2 is an abomination.
Also this skin:

League is easier than DOTA 2
DOTA is coolbeans
That camera on DOTA 2 rest in pepperonis


I’m confused.


I chose League for one simple reason: I hate deny mechanics and killing my own minions.


Fratricide is the best -cide :wink:


Something about the DOTA characters are just beautiful though. I don’t know how to describe why I like the art style better than LoL.


Yeah, not liking the whole kill your own stuff, kinda messed up man


Have you been playing recently? I know sennish played for a good while and I think still does.


DOTA’s graphics are nice but I find LoL not quite as demanding helpful since I don’t devote a ton of time to it. I’m also liking Heroes of the Storm for this reason. And the nice thing about it, is it’s fairly new for everyone.
Beta codes are getting pretty easy to come by now and my guess is open beta will start in a month or two.


Count me in.


I will try it out tomorrow. Gotta stay up all day so will be playing alot


Heroes of the storm is awesome. I am playing it with a couple of friends after some experience with LoL. I love that I don’t have to worry about archaic MOBA mechanics like last hitting, feeding, and early laning phase. It makes games progress faster, and you have to work as a team and complete the map objectives to really win.

It’s a great entry point into MOBAs if you haven’t dabbled before, and I get less anxious about doing the wrong thing when I play too.


HotS is ok, I need to sit down and play it… Once open beta hits, we should stream some.


Or sometime soon, since they seem to be allowing streaming.


Yeah Blizzard has allowed streaming for 9+ months I guess? They operated similarly for Diablo 3 and Hearthstone. It has become common practice for them that as soon as any sort of public testing begins they open the doors for all to view.

I guess you can do that when your company is bringing in millions by the day.


It’s good press. Still used the old NDA days