League of Legends



Hey all,

Pretty new here but there has been some chatter on the mumble around league of legends competitive.

I have honestly been out of the game for a bit but would enjoy to get back in to help people rank up/play on a 5 man team.

So basically I’m trying to see who would be interested.

A bit about my background for league I finished S4 as a platinum. I climbed from around silver/bronze. So if someone is looking for tips/tricks to start their climb out of “elo hell” feel free to hit me up.


League of Legends - 101 from a Platinum

I would be up to do a few ranked games been looking to try my game at getting in the competitive scene. I mainly run top lane and dabble a bit in bot lane marksmen


We need a competitive DOTA 2 team, still time to get to TI5


back during S4 i went into gold promos from silver several times, and lost every one… S5 I haven’t been playing much ranked, been playing mostly normal draft to build upon my mechanics (which I belive to be a good idea.)

however, I’d still be interested in joining in the climb, and participating. ign: xALRock

If you guys plan on having voice comms, I will warn you ahead of time, my voice is 14 yr old status. Im 23.

looking forward to some fun.


Feel free to add me I will be on this weekend. Favor mid and Jungle and was gold 1 in season 3 and gold silver 1 almost gold last season. (I was gold 1 in 3s but we didnt play the 10 games to get rewards). Summoner name is Sarathil