League Strats team and Duo's



I’ve noticed that there was already a thread on this but I felt like it didn’t really go anywhere in creating teams. I’d be more than happy to teach new players the ropes and start a strats team, if there’s already a team please let me know. I’m making this thread so that hopefully we can start a League Strats team 5v5 and 3v3 and also made this as a LFG for anyone looking for Duo partners. I know how harsh the solo Q can be.

Summoner Name: Scrubs Lord
Server: Na
Division: Silver 4
Position: Mid>Adc>Supp
Fav Champ: Diana :new_moon: :two_hearts:


I might be interested in League again. I really haven’t played going on 2 years now (just a few matches here and there) but I played an ARAM match with @Mindie321 last night and had some fun. I’ve been hiding out in Heroes of the Storm since that game was in alpha testing.

My League name is teh ninjaneer.


@teh_ninjaneer I’ll definitely add you


Accepted. I am preparing myself with more ARAM. Let us League.


Might want to talk to @Freshie44 as well!


I have 66,000 IP. Who should I buy? :hankey:

Edit - ARAM is not a cool place. No one talks and people play kinda badly. Glad to see nothing changes! :laughing:


Honestly ARAM is the best stress reliever for me because you can just mess around and nobody (for the most part) will harass you about it!
What positions do you like to play? I personally would recommend Ekko (Mid/jungle/top). He’s super fun to play with.
Or there’s also Bard and Brand!


Well if people want to add me on League it’s AlexFalkor.

I normally do

Mid : Anivia, Veigar, Xerath, Cassopeia,
Top : Sion, Shyvana, Tahm Kench, Singed
Adc : Kog’maw, Ashe, Varus
Jungle : Sion, Shyvana, Kha’zix, Amumu, Tahm Kench


Yeah I would totally be down to help create a League Strats team for 5v5, or even duos. I was trying to get a team stated myself but wasn’t getting any response as I got more DOTA 2 responses then any league comments. So hopefully we can organize it now. I know I’m down and @GuardianOfLaoria and @Laoria stated that they would be open into getting back into league and the others below stated they would also be interested in join up so that’s 5 or more. So we should organize a time where we can group up and practice our team play, help get Guardian and Laoria back into the groove of League, figure out positions, and start the official team with the coming preseason.
For those who want to add me
IGN: Wolfzorn44
Server: NA
Division: Bronze 2
Position: Top>Support>Jungle
Champs I like to play
Top: Gangplank, Garen, and Malphite
Support: Nautilus
Jungle: Rammus


Awesome glad to see this is going somewhere. Is there someone that would like to create the team or should I do it and start inviting people?


I can do it or you can, either way will work for me


Guess I failed to include my info in my initial post.

I’ll play any role as long as I can use Yorick. Just kidding. Maybe.

I do need a crash course on this new jungle thing. I’m stuck in Season 2-3 Leagueing. I have no idea what is going on with all these camps. Dragon buffs lol?


No prob I can school you in the basics of jungling


feel free to add me as well guys. Name is Q money. Plat 2 fillerino


I’ve added everyone to the team that has dropped their summoner name here, if you weren’t added it’s because you haven’t accepted my friend request yet so I wasn’t able to invite you to team.


Our League names are “Laoria of Light” and “GuardianOfLaoria”

We usually focused on laning together simply because we’d sit right next to each other, but I am/was comfortable in any lane and jungle. Guardian can/could lane anywhere, but not really jungle.


That would be an awesome bot lane combo, I’ll add you guys when I get on @GuardianOfLaoria @Laoria


This would be awesome and it would bring more recognition to this site, if that’s what some people are interested in. Unfortunately I have a flight that day but I’m posting in case the team wants to try.


I am interesested in joining a team. Been trying to climb that ladder by myself with no prevail. Atm I play adc, support, and jungle.

Summoner Name: Oneky
Server: HA
Division: Silver 5
Fav Champ: Elise


hi new to the team but i play a lottttttt of league. i ended the season gold 5 but then again i never really played ranked just because i was alreadygoing to earn the end of the season rewards. i stream league with viewers if you’re ever wanting to learn the ropes or have fun with some chill people… although a strats ranked team would be super fun for this coming season. if you guys have thoughts on that i’d love to hear them <3