Legacy - How the Mighty Are Falling

Came across this post Reddit.
@Glock29, it would seem that the battle you witnessed last night against Legacy was only the beginning.
According to this post, the whole server is Rallying against them, Reds, Pirates, and Greens.

They have a giant illegal tree farm expiring later tonight and this post on Reddit is a call to arms for everyone that isn’t Legacy to show up and fight.

Now do I remember correctly that we have an agreement with them? If so, we have some decisions to make here. Helping them could cement our relationship with them (Even if it doesn’t do much good) But it will also earn us A LOT of enemies.


I agree. We do have a big decision to make. I think that with us being in an alliance with legacy, We cannot abandon them in their time of need. I don’t think that we can pick and choose. If we have an alliance with a guild we should stick with them. And honestly I think people are just looking for a really good fight. I don’t think if we support them we would make a lot of enemies I’m sure there are other guilds that will be supporting them as well. You never know. We may come out of this with a few more alliances.

I don’t disagree with you in general, but make no mistake, this is happening because Legacy has pissed people off. This will not be the last time people call for their blood. And if they see other guild tags in the mix, you can be sure they will take note of that.

[Edit] Let me be clear, I’m not saying that I think we shouldn’t honor our alliance. I’m just pointing out that we are likely to make some enemies no matter what choice we make.

You’re absolutely right. Although we do have the option of staying out of it completely, let me know what you think.

In my opinion that’s the best option. Unless they happen to remember us, and our arrangement and ask for help.

Though I don’t think that very likely.
Who in our guild is in contact with them?

Remember also, that we’ve had an alliance with them before they merged and they would merc us on trade runs. So really we need to question their loyalty to us first!

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I wasn’t aware of that. I knew that we had an alliance with Survey, and that Imperial Legacy would sometimes kill us.

But that was before the merge of course.

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Survey would hit us too. They’re a zerg with no control of their population. So really, even though we have an alliance, we still need to be cautious

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This is definitely Risk/Reward.
If we make ourselves useful, we may earn ourselves the strength of that zerg when we are in need of it some day. Then again, given our size, our involvement may be overlooked or forgotten by Legacy.

And If we plan on having a presence in this fight, we should start gathering guild members now.

Im DEFINITLY Not a carebear. But standing behind an ally who would do things we dont agree with would be guild suicide if the server is screaming for blood.
If the offense was acceptable to us i am all in.
My 2 cents

It’s not any one or two things that offended people.
It’s really just the fact that they are so big, they control most things on the server.
People are tired of that.

And then with them cruising right in to try and take that Kraken kill last night, that probably pushed people over the edge.

Now someone in Legacy is on that reddit post egging them on.

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The problem with Legacy is, I don’t even have any contacts over there. Alliances are all about relationships. Who are our leadership contacts over there and have we reached out to them? What are they saying?

If we no longer have any contacts over there, perhaps we should rethink this whole one-sided alliance thing.

i finished midterms and everything i will devote the rest of the night to archeage, i didnt think that legacy would be overthrown by everyone just like that, but its to be expected, i really want to see where tonight where lead.

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Ok, just talked to Alyx with Legacy. He encouraged us to join their TS to coordinate. I’m up for one more shot at making this work. Here are our contacts:


PvP / Eco (trade runs, etc.):

Teamspeak server:


Recruiting poster:
This is helpful to understand how they are marketing the guild.



To get a feel for how they conduct themselves:

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look at all that ezna plate gear

Here is GaryOak’s Twitch channel.

I’m watching, they are talking about going pirating and raping.

Ok, pirating with Legacy as part of my diplomatic outreach program. I will let you know how it goes. You can watch us live on Twitch.

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