Lego Worlds - I might need this game in my life


Never been a fan of mine craft, but this looks like it’s a mix of Legos and mine craft. I am super interested in this game.


Grown man lego fanatic, checking in.

I need this in my life too.


I own this game for PC; last time I played it was still a bit buggy but entertaining. The building/altering terrain was not as nice/easy as I would have liked it to be (I never actually did any serious building, just ran around collecting stuff) but acquiring a dragon to fly around on (among other entertaining features) was plenty fun.


I know alot of grown mean who not only still love legos but the movies, games, and anything else they put out. This grown man may or may not be me. :slight_smile:


Oh cool. I never even heard of it. How long has it been out?


It did the early access thing a while ago; I’m guessing they’re finally ready for primetime now?


Steam says I purchased it 9/17/2015 and that is about how long ago I put any serious time into it - it was still very early access then. I only noticed it because I love the Lego games and there was a sale on for most of the Lego series and Lego Worlds was included. It looks like it should be very entertaining, I just haven’t had time to hop back in recently and see all the changes they made.


I am a big Minecraft fan and I bought the Lego game thinking it would be similar only with Legos (and some other cool features) but I found the user interface problematic making it a lot more difficult to dig and build so I lost interest.